Fever Symptoms, Treatment, medicine, Headache, unknown origin, Reducer, Rash, Ray

Fever has been defined as the mechanism of the body to combat infection or external viruses. It is how the body reacts naturally. Remember that fever in itself is not actually an illness. Basically fever is the term when the temperature of the body exceeds its natural temperature.

Fever Symptoms, Treatment, medicine, Headache, unknown origin, Reducer, Rash, Ray
Fever Symptoms, Treatment, medicine, Headache, unknown origin, Reducer, Rash, Ray

Since the body is combating the infection, you really should not suppress it all the time, but when fever exceeds a certain limit, it can be dangerous and medical aid is vital.

Types Of Fever

The average body temperature 36.5–37.5 ° centigrade or 97.7–99.5 ° Fahrenheit, depending on the kind of thermometer you use. But anything above that range is considered to be fever. Temperatures of above 99 degree Fahrenheit are considered as low fever and 100 or above Fahrenheit is considered as high fever.

However, if the body temperature is going over 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit, then it is considered to be dangerous or very high fever.


The average symptoms of temperature include the body getting very warm. In some cases, the individuals also experience a lot of shivering and body ache. Symptoms of fever may also include some kind of allergic reactions like rashes or eruptions in the body. Dizziness and feeling of fatigue are very common too.


Fever is caused because of the body’s natural reaction to defend itself from foreign bodies. These can be anything ranging from viruses to bacteria. Sometimes, the body experiences fever due to stress, environmental changes or even medical therapies like vaccinations, c-section or other kinds of treatments.

Home Remedies For Fever

In most cases, it is suggested that fever medicines shouldn’t be taken unless the temperature of the body goes very high. This is because the natural immunity of the individual is helping the body go back to normal. But often, these home remedies can be implemented to get some relief.

Warm Or Cold Bath

It is highly suggest that you take a warm bath to relieve yourself from some of the symptoms of fever. These include pain in the body and rising temperature. Warm water baths help to reduce the pain in the body.

You can add a cup of vinegar to the bath and then soak in the same for 10 minutes. In cases where the fever is getting high, it is suggested that you take a cold water bath to lower the temperature of the body.


Artichokes are suggested as a remedy for combating temperature and getting faster relief. You should boil them until they are soft and then have the tender and bottom portion of the leaves.

Herbal Teas

You can make a blend of herbs and create your own herbal tea at home. This herbal tea has antioxidant properties, which helps in relieving symptoms of fever, along with healing properties. You can take herbs like tulsi or Holy Basil, along with some turmeric or haldi, cloves or laung and some sugar candy or misri.

Make some tea or concoction by boiling the same and keep sipping on it. Make sure that the same is warm. Elder flowers and even yarrow can be added to the same.

Cayenne Pepper

This may seem strange to many but having more of cayenne pepper in your food is a great way to combat fever. The components of the pepper include capsaicin, which is found in very high quantities in the spicier or hotter forms of pepper.

This ingredient actually makes you sweat, which means that you break the fever faster. It also aids in faster circulation of blood and recovery too.

Wet Sock Treatment

This remedy has been very popular for dealing with fever too. Basically, what you do here is soak the feet in very hot water. Then you take a pair of sicks, which have been dipped in icy cold water and then wringed properly. Take the feet out of the very hot water and put on these cold socks.

Then pull on a pair of dry woolen socks over these wet thin pair. It may sound silly but the combination of this hot and cold therapy draws the blood to the feet and increases blood circulation. So the fever comes to the feet and goes away faster.

Other Treatments

One of the best ways of preventing the recurrence of temperature and ensuring a smooth recovery is lots of rest. By doing strenuous activities, you will only be straining yourself and delay the healing procedure.

So, just put your feet up and relax in the bed. Watch your favorite movies or shows while you unwind and let your body do the rest.

Diet Treatment For Fever

In most cases, there are no restrictions on diets and you can eat what you like. However, if you have vomiting or loose stools, then have light food. Also, eat healthier to improve immunity and aid faster recovery.

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Fever Symptoms, treatments, types, and causes

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